I just don’t understand … because it is becoming more like a fashion statement rather than a learning opportunity

I did my B.Tech, IT in 2007–2011
and in my 3rd and 4th year, I did projects (Not Personal)
and NOT internships


Because, IMHO, I learnt a lot on my own

1. Ideation
2. Problem Solving
3. Team members
4. Technicality
5. Pitching and presenting to evaluators/ teachers
6. Always thinking on my feet

If all of the above, does not ready you to start your OWN start-up, I’m NOT sure what will

Also, I think, the industry needs new, fresh, better ideas;
We might get redundant sooner than we think

PS: Especially the kids, who do not land internships, you are NOT supposed to get disheartened
You can learn from anywhere, if you have the will



🇮🇳 Top your class, you will be happy

🇮🇳 Get 99.9%, you will be happy

🇮🇳 Get a degree, you will be happy

🇮🇳 Get a glorified job, you will be happy

🇮🇳 Buy a house, get married, have kids; you will be happy / settled

It was never about about making yourself or your parents proud.. maybe..

It was just about being better than Sharma uncle’s son, I guess 🙈

And happyness; what is that?
Where can we buy it ?

And life ? Is just a rat race; jumping from one to another level with just one life left :)



Sankranti and kite flying goes hand in hand

And the entire process of kite flying teaches you about the type of people, friends, network & connections you will make in life :)

The different types of humans we come across in life:

1. The one’s who were there for you when you were nothing and helped you fly

2. The one’s whom you met because you could fly

3. The one’s who protected you from those who wished to cut your kite

4. Incase you fell, the one’s who backed you to become something again

Did I miss any ?

Cherish all the types of folks you come across in this life and be grateful

Sadly most don’t or do you?



1. Hybrid humans — the birth of Pandavas

2. Test tube babies — the birth of Kauravas

3. Reincarnation — Amba gets a boon and takes a rebirth as Shrikhandini, who is both- male and female

4. Giants existed — have you noticed the different species that existed, during the time
( Not a technology?
Just showing off my knowledge 🙈 )

5. Architecture — imagine the brains or power at work, not just for Indraprastha but even lakshya grah

6. Teleportation — have you ever wondered why the Devas disappeared from one place and appeared in other

7. Occult sciences — Shakuni manipulated the dice

8. Weapons used in the war
(I don’t want to talk about it)

Revenge, jealousy, low vibrational frequencies etc have existed from time immemorial

Did I miss something? :)