Advanced technologies from Mahabharat

1. Hybrid humans — the birth of Pandavas

2. Test tube babies — the birth of Kauravas

3. Reincarnation — Amba gets a boon and takes a rebirth as Shrikhandini, who is both- male and female

4. Giants existed — have you noticed the different species that existed, during the time
( Not a technology?
Just showing off my knowledge 🙈 )

5. Architecture — imagine the brains or power at work, not just for Indraprastha but even lakshya grah

6. Teleportation — have you ever wondered why the Devas disappeared from one place and appeared in other

7. Occult sciences — Shakuni manipulated the dice

8. Weapons used in the war
(I don’t want to talk about it)

Revenge, jealousy, low vibrational frequencies etc have existed from time immemorial

Did I miss something? :)


I write, so I feel better

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