Best Valentine’s ever ..!!

My maternal grand dad always said “if you do any charity with your right hand, even your left hand shouldn’t know about it”

But Nanaji, I’m sorry, I really want to share this experience today

With my very generous genotype, that I get from my parents, there’s no doubt atleast to me, how I turned out to be such a giving person

I have been part of CSR events via my Organisations or even personally and this is the most humbling part of my life.

When in January 2019, Gauri Sharma, my HR at Synechron, came to me with an idea of starting the Mumbai CSR chapter, I was up for it

I gave her a list of NGO’s, we would want to support and also, let her know, that I have my recommendation for 2 NGOs I love and even try my best to support them personally:

1. ASHA NGO — for kids education

2. Ma Niketan, Orphange for girls

I got her nod for ASHA and despite just donating any random thing, We got a list of items the kids needed, from Rekha ma’am who takes care of everything there

Without further ado, I drafted a mail to my colleagues, If they want to support the cause: they can get any item or number of items from the list or contribute some money for the same

and all the stationary items, that would be remaining from the list after Employee contribution, the Company will take care of it

Thanks to all my Colleagues, I carried a lot of items on the D-day from Airoli to Powai

Actually, it was a V-day, 14th february, 2019

I went from UBS, similarly other Synechron employees deployed at other Banks came to the NGO location.

We got everyone introduced with the kids

Played games, one interesting game was Encryption: passing encoded message with a key and then decoding it

My kids are super brilliant, FYI :D

Later, we distributed all the stationary items we got for the kids, had some snacks arranged and it was one hell of a evening

The thing about all this is: you can’t fake something like this

You got to have a heart

and the other person on the receiving end, also, understands if you trying to help for the heck of it or with your whole heart

You see it was never probably really about the money

but a genuine intention, intention to help,

to be of use to another human

NOT that I aspire to be Mother Teresa, I’m not at all great just an ordinary human

But, till date, It’s one of the best Valentine’s day I ever had in my life

PS: I miss my kids so much



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