Biggest Regret of my Life

Shruti Pandey
1 min readJun 12, 2023


ShruPooMan E-Tiffin Services, 2009/10
(Members: Pooja, Manju, Shruti)

Problem Statement:
Mumbai has a lot of students and working professionals coming from other places who face problem of food

With ShruPooMan,
We will connect the local dabbawalas and aunties who prepare home-cook food with the ones who miss home food

The entire project created and delivered — as our 3rd year college project

Why this?
Because our college Professors were rejecting every crap idea
So, had to come up with something, that would solve a real problem

What next?
After the final submission, our professors wanted us to make the project live
But my Middle class mentality, of how we will get the money for this, stopped me

This was also the year when there was NO Swiggy/ Zomato
It hurts me to think, I could have been somewhere else, had I not bothered about the money :(