Dear Animators and Graphic Designers

This one’s for you !!!

14th December 2018
The Release of the Best ANIMATION Movie of our time !!!!!

Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse

I understand the entire team (actors, music, directors and everyone)
has worked to make this masterpiece happen

But the Engineer in me, always felt very proud of the people who brought the animation to life :)

Dear Animators and Graphic designers,
A team of 800 in the first part and now 1000+ for the second one
(correct me if I got that wrong)

You are not just numbers for me
and this message is meant for each one of you and I hope it reaches you :)

You all should be so proud of yourself in bringing such an amazing piece of art to life !!!!

You have no idea the number of times,
I have watched the Origin scene of Miles becoming Spiderman

It is not just about the epic level of perfection and attention to details or the Song “What’s up Danger”

but all because those 2mins 26 seconds of sheer brilliance of Cinema ever,

Gave me HOPE in my darkest times
and Strength to get out of Shawshank and redeem myself !!!!!!!

So, Thank you so so so so so much !!!!!!!

You have no idea what you have done for a human,
who you don’t know exists in a town in India

she is so grateful to you for all the amazing work you have done :)

Thank you :)


I write, so I feel better

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