Ethical use of Technology, Art, Design

Shruti Pandey
2 min readFeb 12, 2023

What does that even mean?

Paisa hai to … !!!!!!!🎶

You know those days are gone, when we said ..
“Hindi movie dekh rahe, Dimaag side mein rakh ke dekho”

It seems like web series / OTT content makers understand technology better than us ..
and I definitely feel ashamed and guilty at times to watch this crazy stuff !!!!!!

I watched Shrikant Bashir last month maybe…
and the way they handle LIVE location tracking (Google you got to watch this one :P )
to Distributing a pandemic vaccine makes you question,
why most corporates lack even common sense?

Maybe it’s the Money involved and greed that comes in their way ..
After all Intent, my friend is a big thing :)
to me, its EVERYTHING !!!!!

If that was not enough, I got a message this morning from my baby brother insisting me to must watch “Farzi”,
claiming he hasn’t seen anything like this one since Breaking Bad/ Fargo Days ..

Now, in Farzi, after watching it all….
From Counterfeiting currency to Creating effective testing chips to Combat fake currency to so much more awesomeness,

This one made me question, how Unethical guys are probably way more “hands-on” technology compared to the Ethical usage of Technology or even Art and Design for that matter

There is seriously something so much gone wrong in this world because the fine line between Ethical and Unethical, I guess would again be Intent?

and there’s so much more to talk about, but I will stop ….