Genetic inheritance or defect?

It is very self traumatizing you see .. to be a good human on this planet

Have a heart, be kind, generous, empathetic

because you are not deemed as selfless or noble or whatever

You are seen as vulnerable and naïve

And that my friends, Is my genetic defect

I literally did not ask for any of that in my right senses

It comes from my maternal grandmother; very wisely choosing my mother over her other two sisters and brother

And then coming to me

So you see, I am the chosen one

Did not ask for it

But I would not have it any other way

Naniji, my maternal grandmother

Left us on this day, many years ago

But she is always showering her blessings on me and I love her

Her entire life was meant to feed people properly; I sometimes feel, she was Goddess Annapurna

She learnt english from my grandad and every morning would read The statesman aloud

They would write letters to each other

She raised her kids so well

She fought breast cancer, paralysis and yet was the most cheerful person, I’ve come across in this life

If that was not enough

She gave her face copy to mom and then to me

I’m highly blessed with all this inheritance

As I would rather prefer to be a good human and be true to her soul

Naniji ki Jai 🙏🏻



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