Shruti Pandey
2 min readFeb 19, 2023

my favourite subject since I was in school

Today, I’m going to share the different histories we either don’t know or remember, in India.

The list can be exhaustive but I’m going to share 3 of them with you today:

1. Adoption schools
There were hostel schools established for Native American or Indigenous kids,
where these kids were either culturally brain-drained or abused or killed.

2. Tulsa massacre
The 1921 massacre is deemed as the “Single worst incident of racial violence in American history”
Within 24hrs, many a black people were killed in the town of Tulsa.

3. Genocides
We all know about the “Holocaust” but there were many such genocides in India too.
No, I’m not talking about the 1990's

I’m talking about the one’s which happened not for hundred but 1000’s of years in India

And you know the worst part?
Not only does the world NOT know or recognise the Hindu genocide
but even the people of India don’t know or remember their history.

Do you know what the name “Hindu Kush” implies? — — The killer of Hindus.

because when Indian women and children were trafficked to other countries via these mountain ranges,
Many would die because of the harsh weather conditions.

A lot of people — men, women, children literally sacrificed their lives, like an unsung hero and a leader;
so that you and I could be free — but are we really free?

There are many such events which have happened, here in India

but Thanks to being the most adaptive species — — as Darwin would have labelled us,
we just kept getting conditioned every single time by a different coloniser.

It’s really a miracle, that despite thousands of years of slaughter
and slavery, we still have managed to survive
and people still look upto Hinduism for spirituality.