Imaginary friend

When kids had imaginary friends (not sure if my generation had that liberty)
One of my friends was a real living Jamun tree, right outside my window

And when it fell in 2004; I was very sad for maybe a week

When my dad would get small fishes in our tiny house aquarium and one would die;
any human coming to our home would hear this from me

“ the orange fishy died”
“The black one died”

I was a tiny kid at that time and would mourn 3 days for the fish

Call me a fool, I don’t care
But I feel too much
I care too much for everyone and everything

Apologies that my recent posts have been all about the situation we are going through

Call me a hopeless empath, if you may
but All I really want is for everyone to be safe and fine on this planet

Yes I’m too stupid to wish that
but this is me ..!!!

PS: It is difficult to live like that, I’m working on myself, so that I stop caring too much 🙏🏻


I write, so I feel better

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