Kali Chaudas

Shruti Pandey
1 min readNov 11, 2023


I think once you take a kid very very very away from the mother,
you can manipulate him/her the way you want

That’s exactly what East India Company intelligently did, when they ventured to East and decided to make Bengal their base at the time

EIC’s thought being:

How could someone, anyone, call a woman as Mother, — —
who is dark as the cosmos itself,
wears a garland of skulls,
stands over her husband lying beneath her feet

and not just call her Mother
but even worship Her as a Deity ?

All the signs of a powerful society which did not judge on any appearance
and basked in the glory of Matriarchy,
had to be removed
inorder to exploit and loot it

This Kali Chaudas, let’s try to understand our roots..

and in the name of fake woman empowerment and feminism that surrounds us today
Let’s try and remember a long lost civilisation which considered everyone empowered and equal :)

Happy Choti Diwali !!!! 🙏

Image credit: Wiki