My top 3 mistakes of 2022

So here goes the list, straight to the point :)

  1. A random guy approached me saying he will create a freelancing website for me for Free!!!

I rejected because my gut questioned his intent.

2. I tried my best to support 2 women led communities ( free of cost ) but I miserably failed.

Thanks to misunderstanding, confusion, miscommunication at both ends and not wanting to understand each other.

It still hurts because it came from my gender

And suddenly all my fight to get a seat at the table for females, looked worthless :(

3. I had 2–3 sponsorship offers for my podcast, I turned down all of them

Because I never thought of monetising my passion, they weren’t valuing me as a person
And my values and ethics didn’t match with them/ their product

( I even politely turned down interviewing few folks, that was so difficult to do )

— — — — — — — — — — —

All the 3 are lessons now

I sometimes feel mad at myself because what if — —
Those opportunities very actually not that bad?

But then I remember..

I didn’t leave my 10 years corporate employee life to be an Independent consultant or a Podcaster,

for repeating the same corporate mistakes

I see the long term picture now !!!!

And if we don’t align, we don’t align

If it’s my loss, it’s your loss too

( probably yours is greater than mine and I apologise for it )



I write, so I feel better

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