Not just Indians but NOT Indians also speak my mother tongue

Shruti Pandey
Aug 16, 2023


You know, how?
Hanuman Chalisa.

Yes, it’s written in Awadhi, my native tongue.

I’m grateful to my grandfather, “Babaji”,
for this one thing,
that when I was little, he would make me sit down and learn Sanskrit shlokas, mantras, Hanuman Chalisa etc.

And being the eldest ( read guinea pig )
I always obliged and learnt.

But neither my brother nor my uncle’s kids ever sat down with Babaji to learn any of it.

It was while watching a hindi movie in a theatre, where the guy cracked a joke of not learning Hanuman Chalisa, made me realise most people still don’t know or learn it.

PS: every Hanuman Jayanti, till date, my father distributes Hanuman Chalisa books.

After all the fruit hasn’t fallen off,
I decided to do a virtual distribution today :) 🙏🏻