From Tester to Solopreneur

Shruti Pandey
1 min readMar 1


There is an amazing Japanese tale about fishing.

Once the fishermen started fishing from the interiors of the sea to get better quality of fishes.

However, the customers complained of the taste.

So, the fishermen started deploying ways and means to fix the problem. But nothing worked.

Lastly, they started putting a baby shark into the water vessel, they would put the captured fishes into.

Now the captured fishes had to be alert and stay alive.

How this relates to my life?

Well, I was never a diversity hire
But always mostly the only female in the team.
( for past 10–11 years, that’s a veryyyyyyy looong time )

All of a sudden, the team that was leading a monotonous life, Would become alert.

Some, maybe, even perceived me as a threat because, yes, I’m ambitious.

So, this time when I decided to quit,
Instead of choosing the multiple offers my way,

I decided to go Solo.