Sales creates ripple effects

Shruti Pandey
2 min readMar 27, 2023

Circa 2008/2009
My Second year of B.Tech, IT in an all Women’s University;
— Usha Mittal institute of Technology, Juhu, Mumbai

I had ZERO idea of marketing and sales
But to get sponsorship for your Engineering fest, you need the money

After a lot of cold calls, a gentleman agreed to meeting us
His business — All men’s wear

I had 2 seniors accompanying me to the town-side of Mumbai
The man resembling Big B instantaneously said “Why should I sponsor girls college?”

My Seniors faces drooped and I got a lil angry
I mean, why make us travel for an absurd question as that, in a 1–1

I had to get something out of my brain
And I did, what I do the best — — killing it at run-time

I said, “I have a younger brother who never goes to buy his clothes

Girls, Mothers, Girlfriends do these stuff for guys, I don’t see any reason, why you shouldn’t sponsor us
Plus, we are collaborating with 5 other Mumbai colleges; We will get your banners and posters in all those college”

And a deal was struck
and my Seniors crazily proud of me, like I won an Olympics race

This is not the end yet
The man got his big hoardings near our college area (Juhu is the most prime location)
and every time, I saw them I was reminded how scared I was during the meeting but I solved his problems

I didn’t take any course on Marketing/ Sales but my Engineering college taught me everything :)