पिबन्ति नद्यः स्वयम् एव न अम्भः
स्वयं न खादन्ति फलानि वृक्षाः।
न अदन्ति सस्यं खलु वारिवाहाः
पर-उपकाराय सतां विभूतयः॥

Rivers don’t drink their water
Trees don’t eat their fruits
Clouds don’t eat their grains

To help others is the characteristic of good people

I was taught this shloka, in school

Yes, being a Brahmin, I was first introduced to Sanskrit at home

However, I got luckier; as it was a subject in school

Did you know:

1. Sanskrit is the oldest and mother of all languages

2. Leaving aside our regional languages,
People from Germany and Russia, draw similarities between their languages and Sanskrit

3. What if I told you, Sanskrit can help you better code
Yes, most of advanced mathematics and coding has it’s roots from the scriptures and vedas

PS: If we don’t remember our roots, who will?