Sati and Respect

Shruti Pandey
1 min readMar 25


“You must find the courage to leave the table where respect is no longer being served” — -
is a very englishized way of talking about Respect

I have been indirectly taught about Respect, since I were a kid with the Story of Sati

Incase, you don’t know her,
the tale goes something like this,
— after not being able to take the disrespect of Her husband from Her own father,
Sati sat on a live fire to honour her Husband’s respect

The long version of this story is:

The Devas wanted Lord Shiva to come out of His meditative state
So, they went to Shakti, the Mother of the Universe, asking Her to break Shiva’s inert state and marry Him

The Devi asked Daksha Raj to perform Tapsya and on being pleased, She would grant the boon

So, after Daksha’s successful Tapa,
Devi agreed to manifest in this world as his daughter

Her only condition was — -
“ the moment you Disrespect me, I would leave the body, because I come from you”

I’m not asking anyone to set themselves on fire
but that is such a great and basic condition to put across, isn’t it?

I leave, if you disrespect
If the Mother of Universe has set such an example, she’s thought this through, isn’t it?

Respect is all, WE all want, isn’t it?