Shiva – my ultimate and one true love ❤️

I have loved Him since I was a kid

I love and respect all Gods and religion

But this one man is so different

He is the source of everything from Yoga to Kalaripayatuu to Dance

And these are not just meditation techniques or martial art forms

For me, this is a way of living

To me, He is the Batman of the God world

The One woman man, who has the power to make Shakti reincarnate for him

To me, as I’m growing old, Shiv Shakti simply transpire in everything, call it Yin Yang or Soulmate or Twin flame

I was everywhere mocked by my colleagues when I fasted on this day ..MahaShivratri

They would say I want a good husband, so I fast

And I repeatedly told them it was never about that, I’ve been fasting on this day since I was a kid

He is known to be the God of Destruction but to me, destruction is the prerequisite to something good

People teased me “your God smokes and drinks, you can too”

But He even drank venom to save us all, no one remembers that

I probably am sounding like a hopless romantic with this one

But I simply love the inseparable – Shankar Parvati

I guess, I just manage to find them in everything and everyone

Om Namah Shivaay 🙏🏻


PS: I can be a human, I can be a coder but at the sametime I can choose to work on my spirituality as well


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