Wage Gap

Shruti Pandey
1 min readJan 21, 2023

When the kids these days tell me the range of salary they look for;
Sometimes, I reflect back, how many switches it took me to earn that much

For some years now, a lot of seniors I met in my workplace; would feel bad of being paid less compared to freshers

This debate is just increasing with every passing year

While probably there is no one at fault here;
the seniors feeling bad about having experience and dissatisfied wages
and the new kids trying to make a ROI on their parent’s investment

Or maybe this is a generation gap

Or simply Inflation.

I also know of some good leaders who try to take care of this issue as much as possible
because they DO NOT want to be unfair to any batch

Do you think this wage gap is something only the employer can solve for us?

PS: I know there are a lot of juniors too, who started with lil salary just like me
This is no race or competition of who’s earning how much
but maybe it is very silly of us to expect fair-play in life?