When you are proud of who you truly are ..

Shruti Pandey
1 min readAug 30, 2023


I admit I have this crazy defect, that I like to back trace an individual’s journey.

Even on my podcast: Iti Shruti,
I like to ask the founders, how they got to where they are today

because IMHO, nobody suddenly becomes a founder, one fine day.

So last year, after watching the most awaited movie in India, KGF2,
I had to watch Director Prashanth Neel’s first movie: Ugramm,
to understand if KGF was his fluke or something else

To my surprise, it indeed was something else :)

I started watching Ugramm from a Kannada version available on Youtube and to be honest, I started the movie from the second half

The acting and storyline was so gripping, I got hooked and ended up watching the movie

Later, I felt I should play the movie from the start

To my surprise, It started with a Sanskrit chant
and it was the bestest beginning of any movie I had ever seen.

Not only is Prashanth Neel a great director,

but what I love the most about the South movie industry is that they wear our culture on sleeve and heart with pride !!!!!!!

To wrap up,
Let’s be honest, there truly is something classy, when one is proud of who they really are !!!

Isn’t it?

Ugramm Opening Scene: