Why and How did I start a podcast?

There are folks who ask me these questions.
Today, I’m going to clear these doubts for all ….

I’m a big believer of “Jahan se bhi gyan mile, le lo”
You should learn from everywhere.

Knowledge should be accessible and I’m trying to do just that
Ofcourse without being redundant .

I don’t understand when people ask me, “what’s the theme of my podcast?”
Or “who are the target audience?”

Yes, I did start a podcast, about a month now.
and it already has 10 videos, 2 per week.

Since last year, I wanted to actually ask questions to the great connects, I found here on linkedin
and interview them, I just didn’t know it’s called a podcast or will need a YT channel.

So, I interview people from my network — founders, entrepreneurs and experts in their fields.

I have not edited a single video,
we record the interview and I immediately upload after that.

I thoroughly “Research” who I’m asking questions and create my questions accordingly.

I do all of this, because I enjoy doing it.
the day I don’t I will stop or end it :)

but till then I’m going to make Knowledge accessible to all :)


I write, so I feel better

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