Why do you have to Intern at a Startup?

I just don’t understand … because it is becoming more like a fashion statement rather than a learning opportunity

I did my B.Tech, IT in 2007–2011
and in my 3rd and 4th year, I did projects (Not Personal)
and NOT internships


Because, IMHO, I learnt a lot on my own

1. Ideation
2. Problem Solving
3. Team members
4. Technicality
5. Pitching and presenting to evaluators/ teachers
6. Always thinking on my feet

If all of the above, does not ready you to start your OWN start-up, I’m NOT sure what will

Also, I think, the industry needs new, fresh, better ideas;
We might get redundant sooner than we think

PS: Especially the kids, who do not land internships, you are NOT supposed to get disheartened
You can learn from anywhere, if you have the will


I write, so I feel better

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