World Cancer Day

Shruti Pandey
2 min readFeb 4


Happens to One person, but affects all

I’m talking about cancer

and when it happens to your Mother, entire family shatters to piece

Such an evil and what a cruel rich man’s disease

Rich man? — — just take a look at the bills

Mid July 2021

It was confirmed that mom was diagnosed with a cancer recurrence

Suddenly all of 2017 struggles, hit on my head like a flash

I just didn’t want to get out of my bed

For 3 days straight, I had one thought in my head — —

“Am I supposed to deal with just this throughout my life?

I can’t go through this all over again”

When it should have been my mother who should have said so

And boy, did she say any of it?

Nope. She cried, she was absolutely miserable !!!!!!!!

and it got way worse to console her this time

because you see my mom is a strong woman, she always consoled the world

but this time, the doctor said,

“it may happen again, you are lucky you survived all this time”

Why are humans not cautious with their words?

Those words caused my strong mom alot more agony

To top it all, I had family well-wishers who suggested

“what if God wants her more than you and you are not letting her go”

“Why don’t you stay separate from your family and support them by sending money?”

During this crazy time,

Something appeared on my playlist and healed me — —

Namo Ratna, the Great Compassion Mantra

The first time I heard it, it just didn’t work

The next day, I put my headphones on and cried like a baby until I fell asleep

I totally understand how this journey feels so lonely

Just sharing something that worked for me ..

Sometimes more than others, we need to be COMPASSIONATE TO OURSELVES !!!!!

PS: Mom? After all the crazy chemos this time and she not wanting to go for radiation;

She has to pop a chemo tablet daily :(

But we will fight, that’s what we know :)